No more data entry


Together at last

Outright automatically syncs with all your accounts so you can see your transactions together in one place. Plus, it updates nightly so you’ve always got an up-to-date picture and it's completely secure.

Everything in its place. Automatically.

Outright instantly sorts your income from expenses and categorizes every transaction. Of course, you can always change a transaction category or create your own, and if you do, Outright will remember it next time.


Access to thousands of banks

Banks, credit cards, PayPal—you can add just about any type of financial account to Outright. And it even connects to other sites that offer small-business tools, like Shoeboxed and Freshbooks.*

* U.S. banks only

Setting up is a snap

Get up and running on Outright in less than five minutes. Just add your accounts and Outright will handle the rest.*

*You will see a 30 to 90 day transaction history after adding your account.

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