How Outright Online Bookkeeping Works

No complicated setup to get started

With Outright, there's no accounting software to install. And, you don’t need to track down every receipt since the beginning of time. Outright is online and uses a secure Internet connection to download data from the accounts you link.

Link your accounts to Outright

Connect your business accounts to Outright. After linking your accounts, Outright immediately starts importing your sales and expense transactions. From then on, Outright downloads your new data every night - All while you're sleeping. Accounts to link:

  • Banks, credit cards, Paypal
  • eBay, Etsy, Amazon
  • FreshBooks, Harvest, Shoeboxed

It's important to link all of your accounts so you get a complete, accurate picture of your business.

When linking your bank account or credit card you are not providing your account number. You're simply authorizing Outright to download your transaction history. We're not depositing, withdrawing or moving any money!


Automate tedious bookkeeping

Outright organizes all of your data into IRS- approved tax categories. You won’t waste valuable time typing in the same information over and over again. Finally say goodbye to those spreadsheets.

No more headaches at tax time

With all your income and expenses organized and categorized, you'll be ready to go at tax time. Just print your Schedule C worksheet.

Keep up while on the go

Outright’s iPhone app lets you stay on top of your business no matter where you are:

  • Enter your mileage (don’t miss out on this commonly overlooked tax deduction)
  • Check your balances
  • Get an alert when a big sale comes in
  • Enter your cash transactions on the spot
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